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New Delhi,February 2,(
TDP is a mark for the Modi government for lack of adequate priority to the Andhra Pradesh budget and lack of allocation. The TDP leaders are slowly increasing their voice and the carpets are peppering on the BJP. TDP MP and Rajya Sabha member TG Venkatesh put a strong point on the Center ahead of this. TK Venkatesh made sensational remarks that the Congress and the BJP have been betrayed by the UPA government.


He said that both parties were involved in breaking the state, saying that the BJP, which is in the process of implementing division guarantees, is more unfair. Daru. He said the war would be a step closer to the center and that the BJP does not count allies because there is a majority in the Lok Sabha and there is no need to fulfill their demands. Together, Venkatesh said, "We will fight against outside Parliament and outside the Parliament for their demands, but the final process will not end." Nobody should be underestimated by their leader Chandrababu and repeat the days of his cycle in national politics. 

After the parliamentary party meeting on Sunday, Chandrababu will announce their action. In the countries where GST has been implemented, the governments have expressed their disillusionment with the government. The special package said, "But it is not clear yet ... once again we will struggle for special status.

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