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Srikakulam,February 2,(
There are 823 temples in Srikakulam district. Half of these temples have different types of lands. It has 7,855.21 acres of agricultural land and 6,386.44 acres of land. Though this amount is 14,241.65 acres according to the divinity records, it is not in possession. Nearly 6,298 acres of land is occupied. Paisa does not even come to the temples of the temple. The Kodandarama temple at the district headquarters is 485.72 acres of land, along with Magani and Mettai. Most of this is in Srikakulam and Narasanpet Towns. Many farmers have long been cultivating that land. Nobody has paid the pension for the revenue department. But there is a diversion in the situation that can not be recovered. This is not the only place where the temples are located in various parts of the district like the Jagannathaswamy Temple, Gara, Sri Mukmulinkam, Narasenapeetha, Tekkali, Veeragatam, Rajam, Signakvati, Ichapupuram and Kanchali.


Income from return on own lands, on the other hand, are funded or administrative difficulties from the government. Approximately two and a half acres of land from the Arasavalli shrine of Srikakulam were allotted to the building of the Budget Hotel and Tatyalayana Mandalaya during the last Congress government. The budget hotel has been completed under the auspices of the Department of Tourism, which took 1.28 acres of land under the Lease Agreement from the Department of Devaswom. A certain percentage of this budget hotel is to be given to Arasavalli temple. But the leasing of the budget hotel has been approved by leaseholders to ensure that construction, such as the conventionshahl and swimming pool, can be placed next to the APPDC. The dividend objections have stated that the constructions are contrary to the terms and conditions. These constructions are being done to question the existence of the Kalyana Mandap, which is being constructed on the other side of the Tatti without any other approval, including the Townplanning Approval.

If there is no protection from the Arasavalli lands, it is possible to imagine what the other places of valuable places are. On the other hand, the real estate business has not been seen in the last thirteen years since the realities of the lands and places of the original temples. The government is responsible for protecting such valuable land from the consumers. But the criticism is that the issue of the problem becomes more complicated than the ruling party leaders are bound to the invaders. The trust board is very important to manage the temples. But their expiration is over, and the appointment is not over. 

The process of recruitment is underway as the TDP leaders want to govern the temples of the temple and their intentions are on the board. In the district there are only 'A' grade temples that have more than Rs 25 lakh in revenue. Only one of them was the trustee's appointment at the palace in Palakkonda. The other two famous pilgrims, Arasavalli Sri Suryuriyanarayana Swamy, Srikuramman Karmanathaswamy temples have not yet focused on trust appointment. Both are within the constituency of Srikakulam. As for the 'B' grade temples, if four of them, 'C' Grade temples are 786, only one of them is appointed to the trustboard. This is the reason for the overdue political intervention in the TDP rule.

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