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Hyderabad, February 2, (
Telangana comes to power once again in the next election. This is the same word by various varieties and platforms by Chief Minister KCR and minister Ketiar other leaders. The surveys among those were made. All the surveys are in favor of TRS and the Congress party has not commented on it. In politics, it is a kind of mind game. These types of surveys and opinions will be brought to the fore by targeting self-confidence in the opposition from time to time. Season of those surveys.

                                                   GAME SHURUT MIND: KTR

Now the season of challenges is coming .. KTR  said that TRS would be in power again in 2019 elections and KCR once again became chief minister. He also challenged the TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy in a program in Gadavas! "There is a 20-month period for the general election. We have faith in people. Believe in our performance. There is a belief that people will be blessed with people who work. That's the challenge of self-confidence ... Once again in Telangana, If the government does not come, I will take a political sermon. I am 41 years old ... even if this is a challenge, you are ready for this, "said Kumar Reddy, who threw the challenge. KTR said that you believe in the people and that belief is yours. So ... this is the newly launched Mind game ..! KTR said that the government has confidence in its functioning and that people will appreciate the people who are working. In fact, any part of the party in power will be able to say with confidence that 'we are working'. However, there is a different debate whether or not people are satisfied with the task. But the party that is in power is 'drunk' to say that it is worth to say. 

This situation is not for the opposition! If the opposition challenges you to believe in your performance ... how do they respond? What is special about their performance? Except for the criticisms of the ruling party and the criticism of criticism! Pony, if not criticizing, the minister kTR is not saying to call the shobhas. Until yesterday, the Opposition has been in the name of surveys. Now there's a new era with challenges. If any of the opposition's actions are questioned ... will they answer them? Then, what should be the response to the kTR challenge? 

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