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Amravati,February 7,(
Ministers of the government, Nakka Anandababu appealed to the government to rethink the ban on the state bandh call given by the Left parties to the injustice of Andhra Pradesh in the Union Budget. The issue was fair but wanted to join Parliament on this issue. On Wednesday afternoon they spoke to the media in the Secretariat 4th Block Publicity Cell. The minister said, "The state is a three-and-a-half-year-old child and how to look after the kids. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has taken a special focus on the development of the state and brought it to a level. We want to enhance this reputation as the world is looking at us.


The guarantees in the Partition Act are to be taken in a methodology. We are continuously working hard to meet the Prime Minister and Union Ministers for the development of the country despite our partners in the NDA, "he said. In the case of implementation of guarantees, the AP has been unfair in the budget allocation. TDP MPs have been successful at the national level in raising this issue in Parliament. Bandh in the state of loss, we are going to be damaged. The Left parties are not represented here in the legislature but they have to fight in Delhi because of their members in parliament. Despite the Prime Minister's offer in this regard, he said that his fight was not a guarantee. It is the first time in the country that we are allies of this sort of alienation in the country. Together with their MPs in Delhi, they requested support for the agitation. 

Without a loss of the state due to the bandh, the people would be hampered, so the Left parties and other parties demanded that the bandh is reconsidered and abdicated. Minister Anandababu said he should take up the issue of nationality at the same Parliament where injustice has taken place. The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister want to implement the guarantees. AP has been asking to implement the guarantees. Recall that the parties which split the state are responsible for this. He said the TDP was part of the NDA but did not back up the concerns. We will fight until clarity comes. In AP, there is a purpose of protesting in Delhi. Ananda Babu asked to leave the bandh call with a good mind.

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