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Guntur, February 1, (
Aadhaar variety will be allocated for all types of agricultural land in the state soon. The Government has been making arrangements to provide 20 services of six government departments in the name of the land. The 11-digit specialty number will be allocated for all types of land and land. In May last year, the chief minister issued a notice on the Panchayati Raj Department review. 

                                        SOFTWARE TO UPDATE REVENUE RECORDS

The government hopes that allocation and sale of land can be prevented from selling the land and selling land and place owner. It was proposed to be implemented in some zones soon afterward, and then come into full force. Despite the acquisition of land and land, there is criticism that the mutation process that changes the revenue records is corrupt.

 The reason for the change of name in the records is the time, and the reasons behind it have come to the attention of the government. The government also decided to implement the automatic mutation process to overcome this. The Revenue Department has created software to update the details in the records without regard to the relevant authorities if they do not take the mutation periodically. This will prevent delays in mutation, but people will get comfort from the Dalits. Officials will provide PowerPoint Presentation as soon as the sector is ready to be implemented in the state.

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