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Srikakulam, February 24 (
The government has focused on the construction of roads for rural areas. Special attention is paid for the roads to the villages. The government is spending huge funds on road construction. But these structures are becoming useless with the help of the engineering department official. The cost of construction of highways in the absence of the elimination of the encroached roadway is becoming 'ashes in paneer'. This happened in the Narasannapeta zone. The rural areas have stuck with the Department of Roads and the Panchayati Raj.


The Panachaytiraj road stretches from Narasanapeta to Basivalasa and Balasima. People from different rural areas want to be able to develop this road and that is shocking. The past governments did not care about this issue. This is the main route to the tens of villages of Narasannapeta and Jalumuru Mandals. The road connects Urlam and Badri to Panchayat Raj at Balasema along the roadway. This panchayat raj road development will be useful for the easy access to the mosque from the Jalumuram area. Another highway connecting two zones is the Narasanpet road, the road network of the Roads and the Jalumur road along Kambakaya and Karavamja. It is also useful for rural passengers to develop. But if the population is one, the authorities have done another.

Narasannapeta-Balasema, Narasanapeta-Jalumuru. There are criticisms that the two major highways structures are in favor of the government and leave the public with the benefits. Unlike the expansion, the structures of the road seemed to be mama. There are allegations that this has been done to provide for the invaders. The two roads that connect Jalumuru Mandal to Narsannapeta are up to the point. Narsanapeta is near the narrow roads. Unable to find heavy vehicles. There are difficulties to get in and out of the road when it comes to motorways. Do not know what the authorities know. If this is the solution, remove the beside road near Narasanpetta. But the road was thrown out of the road without building the 70-meter road to avoid the encroachment. There are allegations that the invaders have done so.

NABARD funds Rs. Balasema and Narsanapeta road were laid on May 10, 2016 for expansion of 5.25 km with 3.2 crores. However, in the town of Narasanapeta, Marutinagar will have to be eliminated. Without a burden, a high-profile officer left 70 meters and completed the road construction. The roadworks were done under the panchayat raj piyu. The engineering department has been directing the road to be constructed via the Weirring Kotat on the highway in the Maruti Nagar area. However, Maruti Nagar left the area and completed the roadworks.

14.6 km from Narsanepeta to Kumbakaya and Karavamja in Jalumuru. The Roads Department of Railways has acquired 14.87 crores in 2016. Everything is fine .. stopped the road construction to reach the Narsanapeta. There are several illegal structures at the Kumbakaya junction, the main square in Narasannapet. The 70-meter road has been abandoned by the roadmap for the purpose of eliminating them. People from different villages have expressed serious objection. The Revenue Department, which is moving with this story, has taken the survey. The survey found that up to 8 illegal structural buildings existed. On the other hand, the Roads Department has issued notices to the occupants. It did a bit of fun. Then the hands folded up. Later, a building owner approached the court. Roughly two years old ... The R & B department has not taken any steps to remove the stay on the court.

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