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Nizamabad, February 24,(
Due to delay in subsidy grants to NABARD-funded drip irrigation units, the contractors are stubborn. In this background, blue shadows believe that starting the works by the end of the financial year. The district collector's office has to be passed to allocate bills for a subsidy of Rs 5 crore.


The grant commissioner's office will be granted subsidy if it is approved. Officials have made it clear that they can not make payments in the wake of the withdrawal of funds from the district. It has become questionable to start works in over 1000 hectares to get jobs and allowances in 980 hectares of freshly licensed permits in the event of a discharge of subsidy. The District Horticulture Officers have been forced to resort to duties to enable them to start work without diverting the funds.

Drying equipment has been completed in about 200 hectares for 170 farmers. A sum of Rs 2 crore subsidy is required for this. This file is pending for the month. The District Vigilance Officer visited the field and reported that the work was done smoothly and the report could be passed. After receiving Nirvana, the authorities were ready to send the file to the collector's office to approve Rs.3 crore bills for works in 250 hectares of 220 farmers. These portfolios take priority over the time approaching the end of the financial year.

The Vigilance Officers inspect that the bills will be approved only if the officials of the audit department examine and verify that they are not valid. While audit officials are approaching for the dead end of the financial year, it is impossible to the audit expenditure of key government departments, and it is not possible to monitor drip irrigation works in the field. This is not the way to bailing the bills.

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