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Adilabad, February 2 (
The Telangana government is making mall panchayats as municipalities and almost the same. There is no new municipality in Adilabad district. Both the first and the panchayats were examined, but the population was left unattached. Officials have been reluctant to say that the municipality would be damaged in the municipality if there is enough population in Udan, besides the loss of the employment wages. There is still debate on this. The decision will be made in Rendros. On the other side, Adilabad municipal councils will be merged to expand the villages. There was ambiguity in Kachkanti village, while Mavala, Battisavargam and Dubbuguda villages were merged. The Adilabad municipality is going to be a new addition to the rest of the villages.


With the aim of improving basic infrastructure and increasing funding, the government has been focusing on the creation of new municipalities, if converted gram panchayats into municipalities. Thus, three panchayats come up in the district, Bodh and Udunur in the district. The government has been instructed to take into consideration panchayats with more than 15,000 population. However, the panchayat scam was ignored as 11,732 people were compelled to compute the population of the villages, the Durbarpet, Jandaguda and Lambadithanda villages. This panchayat has not taken into consideration the presence of the Bodh Panchayat population of 12,706. This is why people here are hoping for municipal formation.

Udanoor Panchayat is also located in Gangapur, Devinagar, Debpur, Tukaramanagar, Rajampattu, Wankatumma, Karurpur, Rajalguda, Umpaipayakunta, Ramalingagampetta, Erragutta, Harkapur, Kooruguda, Old Udanoor, and small Gangapur villages. The total population is 18,048 and the municipality is compatible with the creation. It is estimated that 40 percent of the population is based on non-agricultural activities. The ITDA PA office, DSP, Agency Deo, Area Hospital, Degree, Junior College, Basido have been found to have all the facilities to convert to the town. But the concept of employment is difficult for the workers. There are 4300 job cards and 7300 employment laborers.
It earns around Rs. The municipality will be lifted by the employment scheme. This is likely to cause damage to the laborers. The opinion of the district authorities is crucial and it is noteworthy that for some days it is difficult to turn into a municipality unless it is debated. The panchayat has come under the purview of the agency area and the municipality is the idea that the PC Act will be deteriorated. Officials say that the agency does not benefit from the municipality of Bhadrachalam as a municipality. It seems to be averse to the observation of all the angles.

Around three kilometers away from the Adilabad Municipal Corporation are the villages. Already the feedback is over. Divisional District Collector, Divya and District Injection Panchayat Jitendra Reddy, other officials visited the field and collected views from the people. All colonies in the mammo panchayat will be merged. There was some ambiguity in the village where the villagers wanted to find a masala village. Officials do not understand why farmers are less reluctant to merge if they are small. While the employers want to merge the village too, some communities are trying to tie up in the town. There is a debate on the merger of these two villages.
The Bellary and Nishankhat in the Arali B (Panchayat Range) Panchayat will be merged only if they are merging.

Additionally, the Rampur village is merged into the municipality. Apart from Battisavargam and Dabugudu, the new tailorskani, new housing boards, police, adarshkani, Bhagatsinghagar, agara townships and Vivekanandana are coming to the town. Even if you want to add the Bhimsary village before, At present, there are 1,17,388 people in the town as per the 2011 census. The population of the integrated villages is 46,498, with the urban population growing at around 1.63 lakh.

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