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Atlanta, February 3, (
Foreign Minister Nara Lokesh Babu met with representatives of the Cardlitics Company in Atlanta. Speaking to them, there are many problems after the division of the state. We aim to provide better service to people with technology connectivity. 


After the formation of a new state, we are working on the targets. Andhra Pradesh is projected to be one of the top three states in the country by 2022, with 2029 being ranked number one in the country and 2050 to contest the world. We aim to achieve 15% growth. At present, we have achieved 12 percent growth. WiFi, Television, and Telephone are available for Rs. Through this development platform, all government information is brought to the same platform and a single source of truth is being set up. Real-time governance is being implemented. Sensors, drones, and IOTs are constantly realizing pensions, ration, climate and land examinations in real time. The per capita income in our state is very low compared to the rest of the states. Challenge up the company as a Challenge and overcome problems. Many policies have been brought for industrial development. We are offering subsidies. There is number one on doing business doing. Kia is one of the largest car companies in the world.

We are implementing cluster model for IT sector development. We set up parks in Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Amravati, and Anantapur. Companies like Franklin, Zoho, HL, CANDIDATE. Electronic Manufacturing Clusters have been established for the development of electronic manufacturing sector. Fox Con, Cell-Con, Carbon, Dixon already started. He said that land acquisition, power supply, and infrastructure needed to be set up for companies.The representatives of the Cardlitics company said they are ready to invest in Andhra Pradesh. We will soon begin operations in the rented building in Visakhapatnam. The minister explained to the minister that a number of employees will be started and the number of employees will be increased.

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