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Adilabad,February 5,(
The brothers marketed once again before the magic. After selling the crop, the price of cotton is now in the same situation. Farmers selling hard crops are hardly lost. The merchants who bought the crops for a few days have benefited from this. Within a month, the price of quintals from Rs 500 to Rs. Up to 700 rose price. Soon after the sale of hakaa, Soya lost Rs 9 crore.


After the cotton, the largest number of farmers in the district are soy. 4 lakh acres. There is no minimum support price of soy in the market when it comes to farmers. The government has set up four centers in Adilabad and Nirmal districts to buy soya at a support price in Adilabad district. In Kulamurim and Kalamulla district, there was no farming facility in the district. Soya cultivation has decreased compared to last year. Common District is 2.42 lakh acres and cultivated 1.60 lakh acres. Some crop was damaged by rainfall in the rainy season. This year, the price of this year has declined. Most of the farmers were sold to merchants at a lower price, as the norms in the establishment were delayed after the delay.

11 lakh quintals of soya is required to be cultivated in the district. As long as the return yields are reduced by 50 per cent of the five lakh quintals of soya. But only 1,20 lakh quintals of soya sold in joint ventures in Adilabad district jointly. Farmers cultivated in soy culture should meet quality standards to get support price. Only the public sector company will buy. What grade soy moisture should be 12 per cent. The trash and broken seeds should be within three. Many of the farmers refused to buy soya because the nutrients were high in the nutrient level due to the rainfall in the crop during the harvest. This was then sold to merchants in a no-risk situation. The rest of the soy traders have bought. If the merchants purchased Soya 6 lakh quintals with the current price calculated, the farmers have lost more than Rs 40 crore. The hawk bucket was sold at Rs 9 crores.

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