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Dubai,February 27,(
Dubai Police recorded her husband and prominent producer Boney Kapoor Statement on the premature death of prominent actress Sridevi.Police have recorded the case of Boni and Statement in the presence of all four senior police officers.It was revealed that had been inquired of him, for three and a half hours and recorded a Boni statement  Recorded On Camera.Reported that Boney had said that Sridevi was found to be in an unconscious condition in a bottled water bath.The police also registered a case of three other men, including the boney, when Sridevi was rushed to Rasheed Hospital.In the uncertain state of mind when Sridevi fell in the tub, Earlier, Boney had informed the caller.Also, two doctors from Rashid hospital and five attenders statements were recorded.


On the other hand, the UAE released the forensic report of the health of the victims of the death of Sridevi.According to the report, the accidental death of her leg was dropped in a tub of water.Sridevi went to the bathroom at 7 o'clock on Saturday night, Legged foot in the bathroom fell In the water tub, At that time, Suffocation Perished they said.Shortly after the incident, Boni Kapoor came to the hotel room, broke open the bathroom doors with the help of the hotel staff.At that time, Sridevi was rushed to Rashid Hospital.But the doctors confirmed that Sridevi had already stopped breathing.However, the UAE report claimed that alcohol was found in Sridevi's body.Furthermore, the forensic report does not mention the actual heart attack.

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