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Rajahmundry, February 5, (
Good luck to farmers Former MPs have said that the five-year insurance plan does not mean that the medicine does not mean that there is no way to do it. On Monday, he talked about the Union Budget in Rajahmundry.

                                        CHANDRABABU SHOULD FIGHT: UNDAVALLI 

This is what happened in Andhra Pradesh for the last four years in the budget. If the refinery in the division of the division in the division of law is now in Mumbai then what should be done. The BJD will fall if support is withdrawn from Chandrababu Center. What if the TDP MPs fight in Well in Parliament? He said that there is nothing in the center for the contractors but for the people. Chandrababu is still in the fight against the center and should fight directly. Chandrababu Kapoor does not stand up with BJP. That's why Somai is speaking.

He said he had no idea whatsoever. The 25 MPs in the state said the state was supporting the BJP. After the polls, TEDAPA and VCPs are now fighting for their political interests.

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