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Guntur, February 3, (
In the capital city of the capital, the first secretariat and subsequent faculty office buildings and government housing will be made available. Chief Minister Chandrababu told the officials that the first of these projects would be completed in the next year in all the constructions in the administration. The roads in the capital, the administrative city's permanent building structures, and discussed the economic development projects such as Marina, IT towers, Health Street and Container Hotels.


The seminar of happy cities will be held in Amravati in April and discussions on the Integrum High Court construction project which will be completed in nine months. CRRDA Commissioner Chekrukuri Sridhar told the CM that the Norman Foster company had been sending them in the night and the tender was called up in March. High Court building structures and construction plans will be available on 4th February. Legislative building structures will come in another two weeks. By the end of October, the government's residence is going to be ready. The construction of 69 towers in ten places is said to be the same. MLAs and All India Service Officers 144 floors in 18 towers, 1968 flats in 22 towers, Type 1, 2 officers and Group D employees to construct 1440 flats in 21 towers. The Chief Minister said all of the residential towers constructed by the government should be a swimming pool along with the Club House. 

Employees working in Amravati and the authorities should be healthy, and they should change their lifestyle in good habits like swimming and cycling. The CRADA proposal was prepared to prepare office space for IT companies in Amravati. Firstly, the CRDA will carry out the project and will then hand over the constructions to the developer. Initially, 10 lakh square feet will be constructed for the construction of the twin buildings, 42 IT companies from 5 lakh sq ft of office space and 5 lakh sq ft, officials said. The first phase of the IT Tower will be completed in 12 months and the second phase will be completed within 24 months, officials said. The CRDA is expected to be priced at Rs.3,000 per sq ft by selling off office space. It is expected to earn a total of Rs 90.6 crore. In front of the CM, the stadium suggested that the stadium should be constructed in the sports city, rather than where the stadium on the one side of the city of the city is built in 7 acres and the convention center on the one side. The High Court building will be constructed in 4 acres, officials said

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