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Adilabad, January 18, (
In February, Telangana Sarkar is trying to organize polls for the village panchayats. Runs the respective mechanism to make all the arrangements available for the election. Adilabad district authorities have begun arrangements for the government's accolades. Also, the report submitted that 225 gram panchayats could be created.

It is expected that many of the local people will be directly involved in governance and opportunities for all categories will be improved. Sarkar has previously announced that the panchayats will be more than 500 population. Local authorities initially submitted proposals for 114 new gram panchayats, However, the list grew to more than 225. At present there are 243 panchayats in Adilabad district. According to the new list, the number of gram panchayats is 468. But all new panchayats may not be established as the authorities indicate.

If the polls are in February, it will be difficult to collect the details. Thus the district administration has initiated action now. The details are expected to be completed soon. The district administration has been meeting with divisional local tehsilders, MPDVoos and EPPRDs. On the other hand, the villages were ordered to make maps and the newly formed panchayat survey numbers were ordered. So the population needs to prepare the details of the villages. Apart from this, we need to know the details of old gram panchayats and newly formed panchayats. Revenue resources should also be mentioned. Overall, about 30 types of gram panchayats have to be collected. The district collector will be presented to the government on 25th of this month by formulating a list of all kinds of details. The new panchayats are approved after the completion of the reservation and the division of the wards. The list of Assembly Election Voter will be considered for this. However, special dates will be finalized for giving new voters registration.

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