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Hyderabad January 17 (WAY2NEWSTV.IN):
TGI Friedes, a prominent company in the food and entertainment sectors, has put in place the specialty for the luncheon lovers in Hyderabad.

On the weekend day, the event was held in 13 hotels in the country from 13th of this month for the luncheon lovers in Shani and Adi, the organizers said. At a media briefing here today, they said that alcohol and soft drinks would be available from 12 am to 3 pm. The special dinner was named 'hangover brunch'. The cost of food for alcohol, foreign and alcohol was decided in two varieties. Combo is offered at Swadhan alcohol and food at Rs. 1695.

In andajeyanunnaruhaidarabad iii Banjara Hills, kukat lizard lalalo this facility will be available in the restaurant, according to the company. The company's organizers said the company aims to provide tasty food for shawl and meat lovers. Dilli, Haryana, Noida, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh and Bhihhar are among the branches of the state. The aim of the company is to provide all kinds of recipes to consumers. Besides delicious salads, chutneys, utility More areas in the city and state will supply arulaku jesarutvaralo vistarincabotunnatlu their portfolios, he said.

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