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Vijayawada, Jan 23 (
State Number One is in the Police Department. State police housing corporation chairman Nogul Meera said that the state of the company has been operating rapidly in the state of Cadu, CB Offices, ACB and SP Buildings and 22 crores in Amravati.
                                             SOLES OF THE POLICE:NAGUL MEERA

 On Tuesday, he held a review meeting with officials and contracts. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the state has been approved for the construction of 25 model police stations. We have spent 12 crores for repair of police stations. There are more than ten thousand quarters in the state, but only ten out of the previous governments failures. 70 quarters were completed in Eluru, Nuzividu and Anantapur. It will soon be started by Chief Minister Chandrababu's hands. 

He said the Board has approved the construction of the Quarter in each constituency head quarter and the dormitory of each police station in accordance with the Police Staff. The police housing corporation will carry out all repair in the police department along with the repair of prisons. Every policeman is dreaming to make a dream come true. If the government gives land, we are going to do something to tell the truth about the police's dream.

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