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Good news for those who want to go to Gulf

3 centers set up in the state
Train 24,000 people annually
AP Government Agreement with UAE
Assistance to victims APNRT
Amravati, January 6 ( International Skill Development Training Centers will be set up in the state to provide adequate training for the youth who are going to work in the Gulf. Every year 24,000 people are trained. The first is to set up the capital in Amravati. The government allocated Rs 4 crore for this. By April the Center will start training and training. Another center will be set up in Srikakulam, Kadapa, in the Rayalaseema area, where the Gulf countries are most likely to travel. At every center, 8,000 people are trained every year. APNRT is maintained. Agreement between the APC-UA was not in the process of being misled into the hands of the agents, without getting into trouble and going back. They want to go to UAE for their own ... they also provide appropriate training. In the Gulf there is a demand for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, mopping men and rod bending workers. There is not enough money to pay for the lack of adequate skill. Companies in the near future said APNRT chairman Wamuri Ravikumar went to the Gulf countries that there was a possibility of more than 10-20 per cent higher than normal salary and skill.
Accident insurance for immigrants
APNRT would provide insurance to the expatriates. The government has granted Rs 25 crore as of today, under the welfare and development policy of recently announced immigrants. APNRT chairman Ravikumar said that unlike the Gulf countries, immigrants who go to Singapore and Malaysia are also entitled to insure students going to America. APNRT is paying a premium of Rs.255 for three years. The beneficiary will pay Rs 150 for three years. Under this scheme, you have legal insurance, health insurance and death benefits. Agents and contractors will take the responsibility of bringing the victims to the state immediately if the Indian Embassy is certified to take anyone to the Gulf in the name of jobs. Travel costs are borne out. Assistance is available to Rs 25,000 under emergency assistance. Will be legal. This amount will again be retrieved from the Legal Benefit by APNRT. There will be health insurance up to one lakh. If anybody dies, a sum of 10 lakhs will be provided to their family members.

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