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Hyderabad, Jan 19, (
This time, the summer sunshine has gone down many times before Hyderabad. The daytime temperatures have been sweeping by the sankranthi.


Higher temperatures in Hyderabad are more than casual, with the temperature rising to 32 degrees during the past two days. In January there were no more than 29 degrees registering. But this year, more than four-and-a-half degrees higher than normal. The temperature was recorded at 31.3 degrees Celsius. Nedumu has two degrees greater than night. The minimum temperature during night time is 15.8 degrees.

 Meteorological sources said that these telescopes are expected to last for another four days. Officials said changes in the atmosphere have led to winds from the east and east. Daylight temperatures range from 30 to 32 degrees Celsius and January to 15 degrees Celsius. The Met department says that these temperatures will continue till January 23.

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