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Ponds in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Jan 8, ( city of Hyderabad has suffered a lot of money. In the absence of an expected outcome, the wager was focused on betting the money. This is how the chicken rings are handled and read out the booklet. Tidu and the stars look at the chickens. But the chicken ladders wanted to find the police on the ground. The roof was placed on the eponymous apartments to show the roosters of the party in the sankranthi celebrations. In Andhra Pradesh, with the challenge of handling the chickens, this time in Hyderabad, Sankranti has been working perfectly for the management of the scheme and the city is in the heart of the management of the chicken. Local residents were evacuated by the Task Force Police on the matter, as the horns of the kottarokko were beginning to be barefoot. Along with the two managers, 27 betting riders were found crossing. The constant betrayal is that there is a constable in the ranks. According to the Task Force's DPP Radhakshan Rao, Nellore District Cavali Mandal is located in the village of Sri Krishna Nagar for Mala Venkatrakshana Balakhetan of the village of Vaikunthapuram. Venkatrishna, the building material supplier, decided to make poultry to get the money. Penthausage was set up on the apartment where he was staying with his wife Tennaru Venkata Prasad, Managers poured sand on the roof prepared a stage for poultry and wager from different parts of the race. The West Zone Task Force Inspector Gutu Mullah, who was receiving information on a huge amount of money, was arrested on Sunday afternoon. The arrests included 27 bidders, 17 poultry choppers, 60 bets, 26 mobile phones and Rs 80,150 thousand cash and bookkeeping book. The accused were handed over to Jubilee Hills police. The Task Force police had been informed of the cockpit. But it was not clear where the police were in the Krishnanagar area. However, the terrace with the sand on the five-storey apartment was found to be playing this game. But if the police suddenly make attacks, the police are planning to take risks in an attempt to run away from there. As part of this, the task force police were seen as a race racer. Take a chicken and join it to play the race. How many people were there .. After taking full information about how to play, the task force team got into the field and made the game of the game. This is the first time that such large amount of money was seized in Hyderabad simultaneously.

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