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Vijayawada, Jan 31, (
From Gannavaram International Airport, a national slot from IndiGo Vijayawada airport to operate flights to many major cities in the country ... After the slogging of the Indigo, Vijayawada Air Port authorities gave a green signal to the slot. Airport officials were not yet authorized to schedule flight schedules.
                                                  INDIGO SERVICES FROM MARCH 2 

There is no problem because you can give it any day before the month. Whether its schedule is officially announced, IndiGo officially announced its arrival.According to schedule, flights from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai from March 2 have been announced. Three flights from Hyderabad to Vijayawada at 12.10, 18.45, 21.35 every day. Similarly, flight from Vijayawada to Bengaluru at 10.15 pm. One plane runs from Vijayawada to Bengaluru at 8 noon. These are the only departures from here. These services should also be taken into consideration from the destinations of the destination. 

The Indigo Company operates flights from Vijayawada International Airport with stages. As of now only the first phase schedules are announced. According to the first phase schedule, the company will have a total of 10 services per day, including Air India Express, which is the country's financial capital, Mumbai. With the launch of the newly announced Indigo company, Vijayawada air port is going to be very busy. Private airlines are also stuck with Indigo's huge operations schedule. The airline will now be checking for monopolies from Vijayawada Air Port. Flight rates are due to monopoly. Hyderabad to Rs. 18 thousand ticket price. In these circumstances, the passengers are afraid. With the introduction of Indigo, competition between airline companies is going on. Indigo also announced its fare details. From Vijayawada to Bangalore Rs. The fare is fixed on 2097 ... Vijayawada from Bangalore is Rs. 1826 was decided. Vijayawada to Chennai from Rs 1179, Chennai to Vijayawada Rs. 1283 was decided. Hyderabad from Vijayawada to Rs. 1099, officially Indigo announced the fare of Rs 1699 for Vijayawada from Hyderabad.

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