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Hyderabad, Jan 31, (
Telangana general secretary SP Singh will be retired. The Telangana Government has already written to the Center to extend his tenure.

                                                           WHO IS THE NEW CS...

 However, the information from the center is not any response. Thus, Telangana has become the hot topic for the new CS. Chief Secretary in Chief Secretary SR Joshi is coming up with the news. Some of the officials are keen to say that his name is almost certain. There are many officers in the race of CS. BP, senior officer than Joshi Acharya is also in the race for CS. Rajeev Ranjan Acharya, who is the special secretary of Acharya and Education, is also in the race for CS. There are reports that Binu Kumar, who is in the central server, is in a race. Besides, the names of BR Meena, Shailendra Kumar and Ajay Mishra are also mentioned.

 K. Joshi's way is to see KCR. Currently, he is the Special Secretary General of Irrigation Department. Chief Executive Officer has also taken key decisions on irrigation projects. Joshi's full name is Shailendra Kumar Joshi. The term of Joshi, a 1984 batch officer, is up to December 2019. The new CS is going to be shattered within few hours.

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