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Great caves that came to light!     Archaeologists who discovered the largest caves      Fossil fossils are available in fresh caves

New Delhi Jan 19 (
The research of archaeologists has been successful. They found the largest ancient caves in the world. Dos Pozos cavity is now larger (83 kilometers wide).

Great caves that came to light!     Archaeologists who discovered the largest caves      Fossil fossils are available in fresh caves.

  Recent archaeologists have discovered the largest cave in Mexico. Robert Schmidtner has been conducting research on the topic in the UK peninsula for the last 20 years. Finally, the archaeological research company 'GAM' team brought these ancient caves underwater. Scuba divers have been found inside the caves. The researchers found these ancient caves extending 347 km. These caves are filled with water. These caves have received thousands of years of fossil festivities. They are being investigated by historians.

  Scientists believe that these caves can be used to study the Mayan history. Another scientist predicts that these caves may extend to 1500 km. The cave means we have rocks on earth. The longest cave in the water in the world. This is its originality. The cave is about two to three kilometers long and its length is 347 kilometers. That is almost the distance from Visakhapatnam to Vijayawada.This time scientists have gone into research to conduct these two caves. Last year, the team started to research. The oxygen cylinders were tied to the face, carrying the lights in the hands of the masks and holding the measurement to move into a cave. There are two caves together. They were surprised to know that they were both the same longest cave. This is the longest cave in the world. It was named Dos Ojos Cavern System. It's been a year since then, to find out the new thing.

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