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Mahabubnagar, Jan 19, (
The government is committed to providing SCs for economic growth. Subsidy loans are also ready to grant funds to grant units. The hands do not come to the authorities to lend. In the next two-and-a-half months, the end of the financial year is far from being chosen by the beneficiaries. In Nagarkununnu and Joghalamba districts, the SCC is in the process of granting loans. The Mahabubnagar and Vanaparthi districts are completely backward.
                                                         GOD HAS MERCY ON US?

The 2017-18 financial year will end in another two and a half months. However, SC Corporation does not regain the process of granting loans. If the beneficiary's identity is not completed in ten days in accordance with the given objectives, there is a risk of disrupting government-issued units. The list of beneficiaries from MPDOVs is lazy. The government should send a list of MDDOs to SC Corporation by September 17 to grant private loans to SCs with a 70 percent subsidy. For each beneficiary, the unit will be up to Rs 5 lakhs per unit. Bank accounts with the beneficiaries of January 15 should be opened. Until now, this process is not as expected.

 Though individual credit units are being issued from SCS Corporation every year, the beneficiaries are in the process of losing a lot. Due to the pressure coming in the zones, the pirates and bank approvals are delayed. Some do not apply for five consecutive terms but the loan is not granted due to lack of consent from banks. Loans are available to the beneficiaries who believe in bank officials. Subsidy loans are very useful for the unemployed if the authorities react in time, invite applications, identify the beneficiaries, and get a written letter from the banks. In the next two-and-a-half months, if the financial year end is not yet selected, the units allotted for the financial year will be wasted.

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