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( Panchayati Raj Institutions are not likely to run in the deadline. The comments that the government in the new law-making work has failed to do so in advance
There. High officials say that the postponement of the election is essential because the time is low and the work is high. On the other hand, state election commission officialsPanchayat Raj is preparing for elections. Voter lists and other internal processes are arranged. District collectors are already in charge of election managementPranayati Raj institutions do not seem to have a chance to run for polls. The government in the process of creating new law has failed to make preparations in advance

Comments. High officials say that the time remaining is low, and the need to postpone the election to a high. On the other hand, state election commission officialsPanchayat Raj is preparing for elections. Voter lists and other internal processes are arranged. District collectors have already issued directions regarding election management.While the state government has said that the elections should be held, the electoral community is expected to take action to ensure that it is all-inclusive. This has been alerted by collectors. To complete the arrangements

Indicated. But the opinion of the government is not in the first place. However, senior personalities feel that there is no way to work on this task. Apart from these, municipalities,Panchayat members include local members of the local corporations up to one lakh including the members of the Ward Union and other local organizations. Elections are to be held for all these locations. ConstitutionThe 73rd and 74th episodes provide resettlement to local organizations. However, the state governments do not have the powers, duties and funds to pay for them. But this is the same thingLocal governments are in a state of disqualification in the ongoing basis. On the one hand the powers or sophistication, on the other hand, are funded by central and state governments.

In the meantime, the TRS government is hoping that the panchayat raj of the new Panchayati Raj legislation should strengthen the Panchayati Raj institutions. The new government was chaired by former General Secretary Rajiv SharmaThe organization was set up by the Zero No. 689. This committee has been studying in many states and studied. Reported to this extent. New law, three related to other subjectsMonths will be reported. Many of the key members are subcommittee members. There are a lot of opportunities for the entire process to be completed. Local bodies polls in JuneAdminister. Elections for panchayats were held in June 2013. Also, in the month of May, 2014, the elections were held for the MPs and the JPPs. Make the law, do itThe Cabinet has to admit. Besides now, 8685 panchayats are expected to set up another 4,000 to 5000. At least 500 villages in villages are new

The government announced in the assembly that the panchayats will be set up. However, if the less populated villages and pallets are formed as panchayats, they will have an income problem, survivaPanchayati Raj experts say. Nearly three and a half years ago, the TRS Government has been appointed by the TRS Government to provide financial strength to the villages. AndThe panchayats and other institutions have been pushed by the government. Moreover, the Panchayati Raj Act of 1994 is good and it is not implemented by the Forum for Good GovernanceSays. However, the introduction of a new law suggests that a physician had gone to treat another doctor before using drugs. Reservation in local organizations is 50 percentIndicating that measures should be taken. The new Panchayati Raj Bill has been demanded by the legislature in the aftermath of the people taking their advice. If not, the Panchayat Raj

Opposite is also about managing an indirect manner. The sirpach, chosen individually by the members of the ward, is surrounded by members of the ward to protect his position instead of focusing on rural developmentThe allegations that the new law is going on is already being heard. Furthermore, information on the idea of ​​party symbols going to the polls. Reservations are also required. All of theseOfficials feel that the election is timely and timely. It is just that.

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