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Mumbai, January 11, ( the news of Aadhaar's announcement, the Unique Identification Authority of India has been alerted. Aadhaar has announced a two-door security. This is a virtual ID
Made clear. A large number of agencies will take appropriate steps to keep Aadhaar number away from them. Limiting KVY services for this purpose .. UIDAI

The UIDAI hopes that the Aadhaar database can be strengthened by a two-way security policy. Aadha number for verification every time by Virtual IdThere is no need to share. It will generate a virtual ID radius of 16 digits. This ID can be used for verification instead of Aadhaar number. The name required for verification in Virtual Ide,The authorized agency receives limited details such as address and photograph. The rest of the details are confidential. We can generate virtual idiots that we like through the UIDAI website. New

As the virtual id is shaped, the old one will be canceled by itself. UIDAI accepts virtual IDs from March 1st.Andensives to save Aadhaar number through LPG kiwis facility
Able. Depending on the requirement, only the limited details can be incorporated into the certified agency details. Through the tokens, the agencies can only get themselves limited. June 1Agencies will have to switch to the new system.

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