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Thousands of engineering colleges in the country are in a position to not recover their education loans. As they did not have engineering jobs, they fell into other small jobs that could not meet the debt. Tamilnadu b. Jayaraman, a student of electronics and communications, received a Bachelor of Technology degree in four years and did not get a job in engineering. He graduated from Thanjavur Private Institute in 2011 and finally settled in small jobs. As a insurance agent, he also worked as a data entry operator.

Currently working in a small production company in Thanjavur. Salary engineering is unable to meet the loan taken for education. This is the case with thousands of engineers in the country. Jaya Chandran's engineering graduate in the second year earned Rs. He says that he has read and lost engineering. His father is a retired employee of Tamil Nadu government. He paid Rs 45 thousand in his son's loan two years ago. After that, he was unable to pay monthly payments. The condition of graduates who do not have many engineering jobs. The burden of engineering education has fallen on their parents. Providing financial assistance to engineering education in the country After the launch of the banks, the spread of engineering colleges was widespread.

In 2001, the government launched a loan scheme for education. The scheme was revised in 2006, back in 2006. With the introduction of a central scheme for interest subsidy, interest rates on loans are not burdensome. There is no interest on the loan for a year after that course. But these loan applications have been imposed a condition. The student family income should not exceed Rs.4.5 lakh per annum. In 2010, the Government has introduced credit guarantee funding for education. Without any collateral (guarantee), a maximum of Rs. The number of colleges providing technical education has grown enormously in the country. Their number increased from 1600 in 2006 to 3,391 in 2016-17. This increase did not stop when the College of Education warned in various meetings that the education system had fallen out if the outbreak of colleges was too high. Total loans for student banks increased by 142 percent from March 2013 to December 2016. This amounted to Rs 6,336 crore.
The loans taken for engineering courses are overwhelming. CH Venkatachalam general secretary of the All India Bank staff said. Former banker Raj Kumar, who led the education awareness movement in 2013, said 90 per cent of the cases in the case of engineering bills are the cases. In many states, including Tamilnadu, the number of engineering colleges has increased, with no education standards going up. For instance, many of the basic facilities in the state of Tamil Nadu with over 500 engineering colleges have fallen or fallen.

This is the information provided by the Department of Technology. One of the officials of the Human Resources Development Ministry said that this problem has come because it has not been gradually sorted out. The ministry launched the 'Vidya Lakshmidat Kam' website under his leadership. This website was set up to apply for engineering education loans and interest subsidy. In many cases, the debt bills that the students were unable to meet had their father satisfied for some time and later. Some of the cases that do not pay dues are called upon by the borrowers to investigate and after the completion of the term of the loan. Many parents are paying a loan from their PF funds to feel bank disrespect insulting. Most of the academic life is the bankruptcy of the banks. Despite the problem across the country, education loan in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is high. Kerala has launched the 'Payback Resource Scheme for Education Loan' last August. It explains that it is not a loan scheme. Under this scheme, the state government pays some part of the engineering student loan. This scheme is applicable to families with less than Rs 6 lakh per annum. There is no such scheme in Tamil Nadu. A recent engineering graduate from Madurai recently committed suicide due to lack of debt burden. The 23-year-old man has been involved in the scandal because of the aggrieved agents. His debt amount was Rs.1.9 lakh. Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said in March, only 40 per cent of engineering graduates had jobs, as education students in education and education did not rise in the field of education. The students are now saying that they believe that their educational institutions have been misled by false assurances. The firms have promised to make 100 jobs for each of them with huge salaries. The tragedy is that the government's lending facility becomes a schoolmaster. 

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