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D.ED Students Distressing

Vizag, December 27, ( tests are conducted after the DED students have an annual academic year of nineteen months. Students related to the 2015-17 batch lost an academic year due to government directives. Students who are now being tested have to complete two years of academic time and actually have to come out already with the results. Exams to write a year ago are now being written. By the end of March 2017, the second year anniversary examinations are now being expressed with concern that the DSC will qualify for it. Students currently enrolled in 2015-17 are eligible to qualify for the Entrance Examination in March 2014 and have joined various colleges in the state. A two year course is scheduled to be completed by March this year. Annual tests were held in March this year due to government mismanagement. In the first year of the annual exams, the government was ready for a second year's exams for nine months. Around 82,000 students in nearly 600 DM colleges in the state have suffered a similar situation. For instance, there are about 50 private colleges in the East Godavari district, and there are about three thousand students in the district education institute in Chittoor. One year's annual tests are being finalized, with the introduction of the new syllabus from the year itself, the students were faced with the difficulty in the first year and second year exams. In addition, students did not receive academy books until December last year. The syllabus was not completed in the first year of many colleges in the state. The students have suffered a lot of difficulties in the first year of March this year without the completion of the syllabus. The 2015-17 batch in the backdrop of the state division is confusing to be confused. Teacher Training Institutes have trained thousands of students in the state until 1983. These have been converted to TTC since 1984. In 1989, the central government turned them into diet centers. The course is enrolled in many colleges across the state, including Diet Colleges, and private in the private sector. However, the students are concerned that these students are not eligible for the DSC.

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