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Aadhaar has been resumed...

New Delhi, December 8, ( Supreme Court has said that the extension of Aadhaar connectivity to government welfare schemes, bank accounts, pAN cards and other services will be extended till March 31 next year. The Center told the court that it would extend the connection deadline to those who had not previously been admitted until March 31, 2013. Supreme Court Judge Deepak Mishra, Justice Khanvilkar and Justice Chandrachud Bench held a hearing on the petition filed by senior advocate Shyam Diwani to stay on the ongoing Aadhaar registration program and oppose the Aadhaar scheme. Attorney General Venugopal's arguments on the Center's behalf make no sense to the Aadhaar scheme running for some years and the court said it will extend the deadline of the Aadhaar linkage that ends on December 31. The Supreme Court has made it clear that the religion does not change the religion of a foreigner. If the pasi woman marries another religion, will her religious identity change? The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed the case. "After the marriage of the other person, there is no law to say that the woman will lose her birth. According to the special marriages law, the couple can practice their own religions, "bench headed by Justice Justice Deepak Mishra said.

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