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Tomato fallen to rupee...

Kurnool December 20, (, the gold rate was equal to the rate of growth ... not the harvest ... the demand was ... the same thing. Yes KG fifty rupees ... Yes Kegi is the only rupee on the day. Now the harvest comes more .... The rate is reduced. As far as farmers are concerned, ... the support price of tomato crops grown or lobbiedo. Six months hard worker trainer is always suffering and suffering. It is hard to bear the patience of the trainer with the patience and the patience of the sun and the rain. The farmers of Kutnulla district Pathikonda East are planted tomato crops. Most tomato crops grown in the district are Thugalpal, Devanakonda, Mudikera Mandal. The handmade tomato crop is being shifted to Pathikonda farm market. Tomatoes purchased by traders will be exported to four states. Like every year, this time the rains come and sparkle in the moment when it comes to hopeful tomato harvest. The price of tomato is high ... farmers who leave the crop are left empty. Now the tomato yield is better ... the price of the market yard has fallen dramatically. The farmer is furious. Farmers say that the laborers do not even pay 250 per day for wages to collect ripe tomatoes in the arrival fields. Farmers are saying that they are left in the markets at the time of good harvest. The governments and officials want to pay tomato crops to save the families of the farmer.

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