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H-1B visa holders can make jobs in more companies

H-1B visa holders can make jobs in more companies
Apparently the US CIS

Washington December 14 ( Immigration Agency has announced that foreign workers with H1B visa can work in more than one company in the US. H1B visa must be a must for those employees in the United States to employ foreign workers. Thousands of professionals from the US and India go to the US every year to get a job there. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (US CIS), which permits H1B visas, said that these visa holders would normally carry out more than one company in their country.HH1B employees could work in more than one company. But I-00 certification is mandatory for every company, "US CIS said in Twitter. Only few people are aware of the fact that new employees should submit this I-124 petition. Only 65,000 H1B visas are issued in one financial year. Government Research Institutions - Those who apply for job in nonprofit research institutions do not apply to this limit. In addition to these visas, many employees from India will compete for a H1B visa. The first 20 thousand visas in 65 thousand visas will be awarded to those who have completed masters degree or higher studies from American universities. In 2015, 44% of job-based green cards issued to employers were issued to employees, while the remaining 56 percent were issued to employees of the families, according to a report by the leading American analysis firm Cato Institute. In the same year, the 76711 skilled immigrants claimed to have received a green card, regardless of the quota. According to the Cato Institute, 85 percent of the job-based green cardholders in 2015 are already residing in the United States.

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