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Soon the govt petrol pumps

Ananthapur December 29, ( per cent of the beneficiaries across the state have taken the ration, he said. Sunitha said that he has provided ration for 88 per cent beneficiaries in the district. According to the Civil Supplies Department, 24 petrol bins were sanctioned. She said that the Vizag and Hundi are already in petrol buses. The civil supplies minister has ordered the curtain officials to take steps to get water from the Beedipalli Reservoir to Badalpalar. Now the tasks are still pending and reviewing the completed tasks, anywhere, any obstacles. The minister said that he should be brought to his attention if he is in trouble. Gulappalli Reservoir is to be done fast. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu wants to give water to Chandra Babu, and these tasks are to be done fast. The ration was distributed rapidly by EPOS machines regarding the civil supplies department.

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