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less districts in Telangana

less districts in Telangana
Sarkar in the idea of abolishing some districts?

Hyderabad December 29 ( KCR government has been rethinked on 31 districts in Telangana. In the past ten districts in Telangana, the number of districts from 2016 dusara has increased to 31. There are 21 districts in the district who have not been able to arrange the number of employees, the number of employees, the adjustment of the employees and the care of the two districts with a shortage of collectors. The number of boys is high and the aim of the government to set up more districts is not fulfilled and the KCR, some Ni districts removed, he asked the officials to immediately begin work telustondiprajala demands, urges leaders to rethink the groups set up by the fall, he told the authorities to continue with the effective administration of the district. He also suggested that the merger of Warangal Urban and Rural districts should be merged with Jagan, Nirmal, Muthalpalli and Medchal districts along with the neighboring districts. While Warangal, Kajipeta and Hanmakonda are present, the KSR has expressed doubt that the two districts are suspicious of it and the authorities have decided to merge them. . In the last phase, the TRS leaders will have to take steps to remove all the districts that have been formed and the KCR has suggested to collect views of party leaders, people and officials before that.

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