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Saptagiri LLB Review

Hyderabad, December 08 (
Title: Saptagiri LLB
Actors: Saptagiri .. Kashi Vohra .. Saikumar .. Shivaprasad .. Shakalaka Shankar et al.
Music: Vijay Bulganin
Producer: Dr. K.Ravi Kiran
Author: Paruchuri Brothers
Director: Charan Lakkakula
Sagtigiri is a comedian of Tollywood and has audiences with his timing. Comedians are becoming heroes ... We are not new .. Saptagiri is the first hit with Saptagiri Express in the same route. Now we are bringing Bollywood super hit Jolly LL Bee into Saptagiri Express. Charan Lakkaka is the director of this movie .. Did Saptagiri give another hit? Originated as an original? Let's look at the review ..
Story: Saptagiri (Saptagiri) LLB. He tackles small clashes in Wurry with his knowledge. But Kesu can not win the court. The city goes to the city to see the bigger and bigger cases that can be found in the city. Saptagiri focuses on a hit and run case. However, it is argued that the lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) will strike the case. But the hit and run case is reversed. He also earns a key witness. But all this is the Rajpal plan. Sathgiri finds out that there is Raja Paul behind the witness. Also, Rs 20 lakh bribe and get rid of the case. Sapatigiri is a good people to that point .. he hates him. Sapatigiri learned wrongdoing and will challenge the families of the victims. What's next How did Saptagiri win the case? Is the rest of the story.
How is it: remake this for 'Jolly LLB', a super hit in Bollywood. The key elements of the story, the original story for the scene, are falling out. Comedy, Action Seenis., All of the Elements added for Saptagiri. They are very good. Saptagiri is in the dances. Steps were super in the first song. The story with Saikumar entry got more speed. The court cenerillas are in line with the original Jolly LL. Everyone who saw the matrix tried to make everyone lose their minds. Highlights of the last 40 minutes court scene film. 0 Saikumar, Saptagiri, Shivaprasad played the role of a compilation of each scene. Some dialogues have been used.
How did it : 'Saptagiri Express' is the hero of the film Satapigiri .. Hero has done well in his second attempt. Dances showed her talent in dialogue delivery. ODASALA competed with Saikumar and acted too much. Being active, he has also sentiment and emotion. Saikumar played the role of Boman Irani in Hindi. Shiva Prasad's performance was impressive. The heroine does not have much preference.
Technically it is difficult to remake such stories. If you make changes, you will be cheated first. The director's story is well dealt with. Court scenes were well done. Paruchuri Brothers dialogues look great
Plus points
+ Court scenes
+ Sai Kumar
+ Saptagiri acting, dancing
Minus points
- Routine Story
- songs

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