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AP as Automobile Hub: CM Chandrababu

Amaravati, December 7 ( companies are interested in investing in the state, says CM Chandrababu Naidu. The South Korean delegation said in a media briefing on Thursday. Chandrababu explained that in the past, South Korea was a poor country and now South Korea became the undisputed power. Singapore Taipei Hong Kong in South Korea. Korea became well developed and became Asia Tiger. We have a lot of similarities to South Korea. With very regular training. Chandra Babu commented that South Korea has worked.
 Also, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that it will be the Andhra Pradesh State Automobile Hub in the coming days. Rs 5,000 crore investments will come to AP. LG is interested in investing in storage batteries and electronics sectors. Keia Motors has come up with investments in AP. Keia Motors with Rs 5000 crore Investments are made. He said that the Kiyaya Motors supplier would begin in Anantapur. 37 states will be coming to the state. The meeting was convened with LG Electronics President Suu Kyon. "LG is interested in investing in the state.

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