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Preminchaledani nippantinchadu...

Preminchaledani nippantinchadu...

Pramonmadi is a break in Lalaguda
The woman died of burns...

Hyderabad, December 22 ( father who died in childhood is the marriage of the sisters who are staying in the house .. the mother's family and her family, with the help of her mother. This is why she is being chased by her name of love. According to the scheme, he poured kerosene on her. The man who falls for this raid comes to the police and surrenders before the police. The incident was not made in the Lalaguda police scene.

The father of Dadsharani, who lived in the area of the Lalapet bhajan community, died during his childhood. Three brothers are married and live in different places. Though the two sisters are married, they are still in the building. The mother took care of the sisters, along with the Savitri. She completed her degree and worked as an accountant in the aluminum doors of Lucky Traders, a Windows-based company in Shanti Nagar Chaura. With his salary, the family has become bigger. Sadhyariani's girlfriend lives in the adjoining area of Lalaapet. Occasionally, the girlfriend was introduced to her friend's brother Karthik. Karthik, who is employed in a railway contract in Railway, made a love proposal a few months ago. She was sensitive to the family burden on her. Karthik, who did not change his style, started harassing the phone directly. Within few days, he had stopped him. On Thursday, Shatri Narain and Karthik were beaten up on the phone. Karthik threatened to see if he did not love him. So, she was confused. Karthik, who grew up with her, decided to end her life.

After completing the duties every day, the Lalpaet walks home by Vidyamandir. On Thursday evening Karthik reached the area with a kerosene cans and took care of it. The night was noticed and was once again abused. Kiroosin, who lost her discreetly and fell on her.

Shakyirani, who was shocked, tried to escape quickly. No one in that area ran to the area where the crowd was. Without this Karthik fled along with her. If she wonders with her body burning, she fled from there. There was a 200-meter twister who collapsed in the burning body. The locals came to her and drank the water and informed her about the police and the ambulance.

His cell number said that Kartik kicked the kerosene on him and told the police who had come to the cellar. Her family killed her heartily when she saw the shadowy situation. The police rushed to Gandhi Hospital in an ambulance for treatment of the victim.

Calling the cell number given to her by the police, the phone was lifted and Karthik picked up the kerosene on Saturdaran and called the police to come and surrender. He came to the Lalaguda police station and surrendered. The police registered the case and detained the accused. A girl with 80 per cent burn injuries has been shifted to Gandhi Hospital for treatment. The woman was murdered today after she was treated for treatment.

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