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MCA Review (
Actors: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Actress, Rajeev Kanakala, Naresh, Aanam, Priyadarshini ...
Producer: Dil Raju
Story, screenplay, direction: Venu Sriram
Nachular star Nani is the most recent success. Nani's film is a hit called "Hit" by the Tollywood audience. The choice of nanny stories will remain the same. Hits are also coming up. Dil Raju has also done a series of successes as producer. This is why the combo of the movie is expected to be the best. And why did he me in the MCA? Nani has expanded the Victory scale on him? And this middle class boy was so excited ... or ..!
Rajiv (Rajiv), Nani (Nani) are brothers. Rajiv's marriage comes into the house. Nani feels that she does not mind. Left artwork With her being transformed into Warangal .. Nani goes with her. If there is a row called Shiva (Vijay) there will be difficulties in the theme. Nani was wearing her sleeves on the other issue. How did he save his family? How is the Love Track running with the Pallavi (Satipalle)? What was their love? Is the rest of the story.
How is it?
Nani-Dil Raja Combination is definitely a point for everyone. But Director Venu Sriram. Routine became a story. First Half .. Nani Allari, Feeling Panadila at the Diana, Romantic track of Sai Pallavi ... all this. Routine story led to comedy scenes, love track. Action track starts with story with villain entry. The second half is the dominant battle between the hero and the hero. Second off with an extra effort to maintain a 10-day retirement. But those scenes did not click very much. Though the emotion in the scenes is good .. Emotion scenes were written but they seemed to be fired. Emotion scenes between the sister and sister did not get well. The spectator does not seem to venture into the story.
The twists in the story are poor, the climax is also routine.
How did it
Nani is the highlight of action movie. Week Story brought strength with his performance. Sai Pallavi once again impressed. Aavandoy Naanigaru was impressed with the signature step in the song. The role of the actress was sobering. Priyadarshini and Rajiv Kananga are okay. As a villain, a new boy was brought. His performance impressed. Devi Sri Prasad is supposed to music. Three songs are good. Dialogues are good. Second half would be better if the director made it more effective.
Plus points
+ Acting Nani
+ Sai Pallavi
+ Songs
Minus Points

- Routine Story, Second Half

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