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Political Clarity is followed by 2.0

Chennai, December 30, ( Rajinikanth has set up a Fans Meet in various parts of Chennai from December 26 and interacts with the fans there. On the fifth day, Rajinikanth talked about his latest films Kala, 2.0. The 1948 Moonlight letter is still reminiscent of how the 2.0 film will always be fresh. Rajini said, "This is the reason for the postponement of the film in January. Rehman also re-recorded the graphic work and said that it was postponed for a few days. The film will be released two months after the release of the film, "says Rajini. I can not tell you what's going to happen after that. Everything is in the hands of God and put in some kind of suspense. On December 31, Rajani said that she would give her clarity on her political entry, and tomorrow's talk about what Rajinikanth is talking about.

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