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Cyber crime in 45% increase in AP: DGP Sambasiva Rao

Guntur, December 30, ( DGP Sambasiva Rao said that A, B, C, and Awards have been introduced for those who do not have any role in the case in the history of the state. On Saturday, he released the annual crime report of the DGP at the Mangalgiri police headquarters. Criminal inquiry has increased in the police due to the awards. Highlighted the danger of highway traffic. 20 per cent on national highways and 5 per cent road accidents in state level. He said Rs.68.95 crore was collected by the state-run solar panels. The performance of police in the year 2017 was satisfactory. Naxalites have succeeded in regulating companies. Officials are doing well in red chapel. Over 150 gallater medals in the whole country were awarded by the Andhra Police. There are attacks on women in the state. He agreed that some of these failed. Similarly, cyber crime in the state increased by 46%. Cases of theft cases have been settled in 12,000 houses in the state by putting cameras. Similarly, 3 live robberies have been caught, DGP said.

Red Cross said that we are trying to bring the International Smugglers to the state. Cyber crime has increased by 46 percent. Road risks have been reduced by 5 per cent. 68 crores have been collected in motion. We have set up 20 teams for holding marijuana. We use technology very well. He made it clear that the court order would be in accordance with the court orders. Enjoy people in New Year's Eve. He did not drive the vehicle with them, he said. As part of the program, he launched the Identity Prediction and Networking Systems Pins App. He said that the app is likely to know what a police seizure was made in a police station. Mainly, traffic police will have a chance to get to know what a vehicle has to do with the vehicle. The question of whether the rate of crime in the capital will be increased has been detained by the police in connection with the recent murders in Guntur and Vijayawada. He said that the failure of the police was wrong.

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