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Onion kilos from 20 to 60 ...

Rajahmundry, December 5, ( kilo onion increased from Rs 20 to Rs 60 ... In the coming days the traders say that the price will increase ... the customer is bending. Probably the good thing that the well-being of her own. That's why the onion is very rare. But nowadays, if the onion is not on the market, then there is a possibility that the onion prices are getting worse. Onion is imported from Kurnool, Maharashtra and Gujarat in our state. A kilo of kiloaiyaiyaiyai onion augmented three times over a week ago went sixty rupees. Customers have to buy onion gold. Businessmen have also predicted that the onion prices are likely to rise further in the coming days. Onion in the hole sale market was 10 kg and 500 rupees ... while the retailer was selling at 10 rupees for 700 rupees. Indeed, onion peasants are consumed by the farmers last year, the loss of the onion cultivation this year and the onion farmers exporting onion a few days ago Are worrying for the price of the price. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, the onset of severe drought, the sharp rise in prices and export to other countries, also in the state of the state has not been raining in the long run. Onions imported from Sholapur in the farmers sold onions for 40 rupees but they are small and slippery and the buyers are not interested in them. However, the traders claim that the next two or three months will not come into the market but the prices are still on the rise.

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