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Adilabad, December 6, ( cases in Adilabad district are growing. Over the last four years, a total of 85 people were missing in the joint district. There are more than half the children in it. The relevant officials need to focus on cases that are missing and disappear. Take care of the kidnapped mummies who are in the gallows. Such cases should be considered deeper as many children have already disappeared throughout the district. In this case, ICDS and the Police have to work in common. The unexplored startup child initiative in the district already exists in the district but it does not specifically take action for the disappeared children.
Student Kumara Gajananadi Tilaknagar is the town of Adilabad. On October 24th, the RTC bus went out of the house for passing and then disappeared. At intermediate year in the government junior college of the Tangi Mandalan, the intermediate year, he went to the house and told the house for a discounted buses. Both parents are both daily laborers. Without getting home for a week, his parents were staying in relatives' homes and friends. However, there is no gain.
Student shahrukh khan. Adilabad town Subhashnagar. He has been lost in a few days and he is home. A week ago he was disappeared from the front of the house. Mother Ashmabe Bai and father Mahaboob Khan had complained to the masala police station that she did not find out where she was missing. A student from Tanzi Mandal came back to Adilabad for returning home. No matter how much he was searching for him. Many such cases are reported in the district.

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