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kothapalli geetha ... Clarity on destination.

Visakhapatnam, December 6, ( not BJP leaders in this range. So great. This time she is currently officially named VCP MP. In the last election, the kothapalli geetha, who won the election from the seat of Araku from the Lok Sabha seat, has been acting as his Route supporter. In the short run, the party won the victory and announced that he would be riding. After that, the Cubhas and the court rallies were confronted with the controversy in the news, but the bicycle party also abandoned her. The MP, which is the rude of the two, has not been seen in any party activity for the past few years. The MP said that he did not say he was looking at the BJP party. Another step forward, the witness also talked to the Prime Minister in disputes. The song that he is blessed with the Prime Minister ... He said that he is not going to join any party.

It is also ... that he has been sensitive to the Prime Minister in the difficult times. It is noteworthy that in the face of the fact that this MP has come to the forefront of the task. She has been listening to a number of accusations from the first. It is surprising that such an MP has a support for the Prime Minister in his difficult times. At the moment, he says he has not decided yet to join any party. In the year 2018, Geeta Araku, whose political destination is going to be decided, will not contest from the Lok Sabha seat. But before joining another party, Keerafla told moral values ​​that he would resign only to the speaker. Yes ... can the party resign immediately when the party changes? Abba ... hope ... that would be the former MP. Complete experience in the tenure of decency ... Then resigning is the same new political mood "kata" ... and healing ... This advice is also not given by Modi.

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