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Tamil governor in disputes...

Chennai December 16, ( seems that he was bathing. A woman complained to the governor of Tamil Nadu that she was sensational in the state. The governor was shocked by an unexpected consequence. Tamil Nadu governor Banwarlal Purohit toured Cuddalore district. After reviewing meetings with the authorities, they wanted to know the problems of the common people. The street street has been visited by many homes. Going into a house in this order .. to the next bathroom. A woman was bathing inside. She was immediately back. The woman who felt her disruption was immediately reported to the police. 'As I was bathing, he looked into the bathroom. That action shocked me. Take immediate action against the governor, "she said. The Governor's action was condemned by the opposition DMK. The incident was in the hands of the governor in another controversy. Two persons were killed and two others were injured when a vehicle in Banwarlal Purohit Convoy collapsed. The accident took place when security personnel hijacked a bike and hijacked a bike. The accident took place on Cuddalore-Chennai route.

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