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How much is Balayya Reactive?

Hyderabad, December 8, ( actinimayam balakrishna is doing okay for movies. Balayya is currently busy with 'Jai Simha'. The film is going to be sung in Sankranthi buri. Meanwhile, Balayya told two more new films. One of the leading directors of the film is directed by SV Krishna Reddy and the film is directed by Boyapati. After decades of break, Balayya is going to work with SVK. Boyapati, Balayiladi hit combo is not something else. Both of these are also interested in taking NTR biopic Balakrishna. The film is about to start in January next year. Boyapati, SVK, after completing movies, is the father of biopic. Balayya remake of commercial films, as well as the talk that he is taking to tight. This hero is the last movie 'Paisa Gargool' Failure, while Balayya Remuneration is not a doka. Balayya has taken Rs 10 crore remuneration for each movie. Even though there is no official certification in this regard, the Balayya Remuneration is very much heard.

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