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Kurnool is the KP Prabhakar nomination for MLAs of local bodies

Kurnool is the KP Prabhakar nomination for MLAs of local bodies
YCP out of the election
Prabhakar Selection is going to be formal

Kurnool December 26 ( Local Companies Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy's brother and IDC chairman KE Prabhakar filed a nomination today for the post of MLC. Prabhakar returned to the collectorate with his followers and submitted nomination papers to the Returning Officer. Chief Minister Chandrababu had a long discussion and discussions on the selection of MLC candidate. Finally, it was announced that Kee Prabhakar is the frontrunner in the list. CK Prabhakar has been a member of the JPP in 1994 and has been a candidate for independence from Krishnagiri. That same year, he won and won in the Dawn vice Chancellor. Also won from Done in 1999. In 2004, Congress candidate lost by 1800 votes to Sujatamma. In 2009, Pethikonda was elected as MLA by TDPa. When the party decided to give him the Valmis with caste equations in 2014, he decided to go to the seat. Later, the MLA requested the governor in the quota and he was appointed as the Chairman of the state IDC in July this year. Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy had a chance to leave the party with unnatural political developments and resign from the MLA. Kee Prabhakar served as Minister of Education, Forest and Water Resources for nine years between 1995 and 2004. The Returning Officer, who arrived in the Collector's office on Tuesday, submitted two sets of nomination papers to Venkatesh, the Election Returning Officer. Along with KE Prabhakar, several MLAs and followers, along with Minister Calvashisvaris, have moved. The TDP ranks have been heavily shifted to the nomination filing program. Kei Prabhakar said, "All those who are looking forward to development should support me. Samantwadi Party candidate Damandu Sheshyadav was also nominated on Tuesday. Waikaka has already announced that it will be withdrawing from the election as there are not enough numerical numbers. The KE Prabhakar Selection is going to be formalized.

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