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Korea chemical attacks on hostile nations

New Delhi, December 21, ( Korea has already reportedly expressed another worrying scheme if the world is already concerned with nuclear and continental missile launches. Japanese magazine Anahii has published a report that Kim Jong Un hopes to launch chemical weapons by enemy intercontinental missiles. According to the article, the missiles that reach the targets within the range of 8,000 km have been developed. The South Korean intelligence sources also confirmed that Kim wants to put anthrax bacteria on these missiles and use hostile nations, as well as in the United States. The Anthrax bacteria survive for the high heat coming into the continental missile. The paper says that the experiments are currently underway to determine the issue. Anthrax usually infects the sheep. They are also spread by air to humans. Anthrax is a bacterium called bacterium bacillus anthracy. It reaches the skin, lungs, and intestines. During the first phase of the infection, flu symptoms appear for two or three days. After that there are symptoms of severe fever, chest pain, shock and breathing. Two or three days after the third stage, the infected creatures die.
Anthrax chemical weapons were first used by Nordic rebels in the Imperial Russia Army in Finland in 1916. The Soviet Union has been using the anthrax since 1970 as part of the production of biochemical weapons. The accident occurred in the preparation of the Armed Forces, which resulted in the release of gases on April 2, 1979, killing 68 people. Then, in the US in 2001, the Anthrax attacks were a truce.

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