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Doctors Target in AP

Vijayawada, December 8, ( young doctors threw the jugs and then jumped into a gang of deceased cheaters, Especially in the cities of Vijayawada and Guntur, targeting the doctors and killing them in lakhs. I can not tell anyone with the intention of spoiling this issue. So far 11 doctors have been trapped in their trap. One of the gangsters in the Amravati area pulled the doctors into their trap and made money from them. These beautiful girls choose young doctors in advance and come to them in the name of healing. Their neighbors are nearing them as they are telling her. He is alone and can come home once. By doing so, you can play with those doctors who come home. That's where the original story starts. These racis are captured in secret cameras and then reveal another dimension of themselves. They will be shown a blackmail and pay Rs. Lakhs. The police suspect that there is a big gang behind these kiladis, which selects hospitals that are between 30 and 40 years old. Recently, a young doctor from Guntur, who was trapped in a trap, paid a huge amount of money. He complained to the police about the deception in their hands. The police registered the case with the doctor's complaint and started investigating. It is reported that the Danda is in the Guntur, Krishna and Prakasam districts. The victims say one of them is cheating in their hands. Four of the Guntur, five of Vijayawada, two doctors from Ongole, belong to Guntur. Police found that 70 lakhs were submitted. Police officials say there is no respect for the profession and that it will be exhausted and that the issue is going to be complaining of fear of problems.

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