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Double bit of Coin in five years...

Hyderabad, December 19, ( Bit Coin. There is also news that the bit coin value is rising upward. In this order, many are still not aware of bit coins, but they are interested in currency trading. Currently a bit of coin is above $ 18,000 US dollars. For the first time in March 2010, the bit coin was $ 0.003 dollars. But now it's a few million times over. Bit Coin is not actually a currency of any country. No country has done this. This is a virtual currency. Also known as digital currency. That is, the currency is valid only on the Internet. Computer software is all over the world with bits and bites. Since it is the only valid currency on the Internet, it is named Bit Coin. This currency was made available by Satoshi Nakomoto. On August 18, 2008 he started the website. Still that website is running. Satoshi Bitcoin dropped out of the project in 2010. However, some of the software developers already had the Bit Coin project forward. Bit coin currency was first started trading in real currency in March 2010. Bit Coin had not previously had any value. But in March 2010, a bit of coin value was 0.003 US dolls.Bit Coin is Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. There are no intermediaries between the seller and the buyer. Their transaction takes place. As a result, interest in bit coin grew. Mostly on online gaming sites. But if bitcoins are transferring to each other, there is very little processing fee. There is very little processing of how much they are transmitted. The third person does not know the details of who's sending the bit coin. The details of the other person who send us bit coin are confidential. And we do not know if we send bit coin to anyone. All information will be secured. Similarly, there are no taxes for customers on the transaction, as Bit Coin is not owned by any government, banks or finance companies. Bit Coin grew so much popularity. But recently it is clear that Bitkain is likely to be officially recognized as a real currency. Bit coin value increased abruptly. Bit coins are forced to pay some charges when changing the actual currency. Bit coin exchange companies operate. Bit Coin Public Key is useful if we want to send the bit coins to the other, or we want to get the bit coin they have. Bit coin wallet is usually given to new buyers who buy new ones. It has user ID and password. Both of these are called private keys. Two users with a private key can transfer bit coins through their public keys. This does not know one another's details. Completely confidential. The public key has a minimum of 30 and has a maximum of 130 characters. It usually begins with 1, 5 or 9. Similarly, the private key is almost exactly what the character limit is. They are all encrypted in different characters, letters, and symbols combinations. So bit coin is also called crypto currency. Bit Coins are not any government underwriter. Public Ledger is a record of bit coin transactions. Bitcoin transactions are recorded on this record. This public ledger is placed on computer servers established for bit coin transactions. Each bit of the Coin transaction will be recorded in the Public Ledger at very short time. Thereby preventing irregularities. Bit Coin Miners will have their own computer servers installed and have mining work through bit coin software. Bit Coin Network is being built by connecting the servers to the Internet. Anyone with the knowledge, time and interest in this network can join. Between two individuals or companies, transfers in bit coins will be updated on the network by related software. Bit coin servers are validated and copied into the public ledger. The details are copied to other servers as soon as they are posted in the Ledger. That is why public lads on servers are always syncing. Another word we hear in bit coin transactions is black chain. Black Chain means .. An equivalent six-hour transaction per hour is a collection of transactions into a public ledger. This group is called black chain. This is crack

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