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Bantu Rammohan focused on MLA Giri....

Hyderabad, December 8, ( Hyderabad city mayor Bantu Rammohan is humiliated. Yet he does not say that he is on the TRS leaders. He is the first citizen of Bhagyanagar. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Hyderabad and was behind the Mayor when the Metro train started. At least there was a propaganda that the mayor was not given the honor. He is not invited to a convention of world class industrialists in Hyderabad. The absence of Mayor's invitation in the city under his rule is not a matter of popular invitation to unknown people. BC unions have raised concerns that the Mayor was insulted. At one point, Meyer came to prominence to resign her post. The controversy over the whole is debatable in the TRS. Talking about this, Rameshan is likely to contest assembly elections this time. He is likely to contest from Uppal Assembly Constituency. Minister Ketiar has given this assurance to him. There is a stiff competition from Subbase Reddy in Inpal in Incharge, saying that Bondu Rammohan Kay ticket is coming. Two years earlier the TRS was looking for horses to win. That's why the mayor of Hyderabad is likely to get that opportunity. There are reports that Minister Ketiar Kay will hand over TRS affairs in the general elections. In the Greater Hyderabad election the pink havas are not common. That's why Ketiar KK has a strategy to give this responsibility.

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