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New thieves in Hyderabad...

Hyderabad, December 8, ( to Hyderabad city residents The Chedi Gang of Maharashtra runs in one city. The police have searched CCTV footages in those areas, as the crows grew in kokkatpally and miyapur recently. The shaking scales of the back are exposed. Four people are carrying swords and wandering the streets. Strangely penetrating into the houses where the locks are clogged. The police gather these scenes and educate people. The nightmares are to be alert and tell if they feel suspicious that they should be informed immediately. In the night, when the alimony is formed, the door should not be opened immediately. Looking at these scenes, it seems dangerous to walk alone on the streets. The police also announced a reward for the suspects. Be careful! Cheddi Gang Hoolchl in Hyderabad!

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