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Miss the record four feet away...

Indore, December 23, ( the T20 World Cup, England lost the world record. India scored 260 runs in the second T20 against Sri Lanka at the Indore Stadium, the second highest run-scorer in the format. However, the Australians had to retain the record for the first time. The highest score in the T20 is the Australian name. Last year, the team had scored 263 runs against Sri Lanka in the highest T20 score. It is now possible that India will have a high score on the same team. The team was the highest ever scorer of T20 score of 244/4. In the latest match, this record was reversed. India is now in second place with Sri Lanka in terms of the highest number of international T20 teams. In 2007, the Lankan team lost 6 wickets and scored 260 runs. Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has scored a fastest century in the T20s. Rohit made 101 off 35 balls with an eight-wicket haul of 8 fours and a double century. Earlier, South Africa's David Miller recorded a century from 35 balls. Rohit Sharma has another record for India's only batsman who has scored twice in the T20s.

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